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Rev: Wilfred by Khetis Rev: Wilfred by Khetis

Name: Wilfred Fowl

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 175 cm / 5' 9

Weight: 69 kg / 152 lb

Birthdate & Star Sign: September 3th / Virgo

District: Ooi

Education/Job: Ooi University Year 2

Team: Nosferheim

Tag Tattoo Location: Left Hand

AllMate: Rowe / Male / Canis lupus familiaris (Border Collie)


Mellow / Mild-mannered / Protective / Down to earth / Practical

Wilfred is generally a nice person and would normally treat strangers he first met with respect unless provoked. Wilfred takes things in stride and tries not to be held back by setbacks. However he is not an optimist and would often come up with more realistic approaches when met with problems and tight situations. If need be he would not hesitate to sacrifice something in return for a greater outcome. He is not easily angered unless threatened i.e his friends and family.


Wilfred used to live in Midorijima Island when he was small due to his parents' work despite not born there. While spending his childhood in Midorijima he had made several friends during his stay. However he had to leave the island as his parents went back to their home country after a few years bringing him along after their work was done, causing him to lose contact eventually with his friends. Wilfred was only recently able to visit the island as he is conducting his studies overseas as a foreign student. Although Toue had fell from power ten years ago, it was not forgotten that Toue had transformed Midorijima
from a simple isle of quiet greenery to a thriving hotspot of cutting-edge technology. As such, his parents agreed to send him there for study, and perhaps find a job there as well. He is currently staying in Ooi dorms while studying. Wilfred loved dogs but was unable to get one as he was allergic to them. When attending college in Midorijima, he heard of Allmates in a passing and immediately jumped on the chance into getting one when he knew they also came in dog models. This in return also led him to discovering the world of Rhyme. Once in a while Wilfred would take part in Rhyme, mildly curious as to why people are so drawn to the game. However, he was one of the unfortunate few who encountered a drive-by incident while participating it, resulting in his defeat. Despite not liking combat situations much, Wilfred does not like being cornered in to such situations. Hence ended up participating in more games to hone his skills in the game to prevent the same mishap from happening.


Rowe // Allmate // He was taken in to function as a pet to Wilfred but becomes a reliable companion that helps him with his day to day tasks. Rowe is rather energetic and playful and can be seen dragging his owner around to play when Wilfred has spare time.

+ Dogs / Nature / Coffee
- Wearing shoes / Ignorant people / Tight Clothes / Drive-By

Additional Information: N/A for now

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